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Saturday mornin' @ 1:30......... 2000-08-19 01:28:00
by scrantoine
Guess what? It's 1:30 in the morning and I just went for a walk. Not just any walk, drunk patrol to be more precise. I live in a college kid community, so I figured there would be plenty of drunk people to observe and laugh at. I was right. Mark, Jeff and myself went out and saw at least 30 or so people lumbering around the neighborhood drunk off their asses. If that wasn't a hoot, our neighbors across the hall...directly across the hall....seem to be the party hosts of the block. This means loud annoying techno, drunk assholes and even drunker sluts...cause the chicks always get more alcohol from even more guys. This is the first weekend we have been here, and to tell the truth, this place is a gold mine of opportunity. This opportunity is not just poontang....there is always wonderful harassment time and loads of crap just waiting to be broken.

Good Times! Good Times!