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School, Cucmubers and the American Dildo 2000-08-18 23:58:00
by caridwen
Marasmus: I know about the haiku format, I just forgot it because I had the best sex of my fucking life just before I wrote that! So get off my ass and I'll remember next time :>

Moving on...

I started school today, I literally went in to get my first assignment in nuthin' but a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers. My teacher, who is the sweetest lil' nut-case in the world thought nothing of this, and just tossed English 3 at me. And then she says "I bet you won't have any trouble finishing that whole class in two weeks! I mean, you're so good at english and all."
Now ladies and gentlemen, I don't mind having the standards people set for me raised a few bars above normal. I'm used to it, I'm excellent at most school subjects (except for the evil-math demon from heck), and I have a habit of finishing whole classes in a month.... but god damn! that's a 12 assignment (each assignment being a super huge unit in the fucking book) class, and the book itself is almost 2,000 pages!!
Though I come closer then most mortal scum.. I AM NOT GOD.. so the fact that this crazy bitch thinks I can turn out a college level class (yeah, she's gives me the *extra* hard bullshit classes) in two weeks and do it _well_ is stupid. I have a life ya know.
Anyway, I told my teacher that even though I would love to have the whole class finished in two weeks, that I feared I would go insane, kill a couple random people with a 15 foot cucumber dildo, and come after her with an ice pick, intent on wreaking havoc all over her pretty lil' face.

I wonder if she's gonna flunk me for that....