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caq IN j0 mouf. 2000-03-19 23:19:00
by marasmus
Just to be entirely fucking honest, Forge... You make more mistakes than the 'toine does.

Check out 'grammer' (this is at least the third time you've used that 'word'), or 'pustule', which is pusstule, derived from the word puss. Also regard the word 'existance', which should definitely be 'existence'. Notice how I used 'definitely', rather than 'definately', which would be grossly incorrect. Your Complex sentence structure conjoins three independent action systems with a series of 'and's, rather than the correct, logical, and accepted comma system. Oooooh shit, i even made an example of its proper use!

I advocate hypocrisy at every level of religion(cough)government(cough). Buy a handgun and 'hunt rabbits' today. Spend money with the phrases "Federal Reserve Note" and "In God We Trust" counterbalancing themselves on the paper.

Make sure that every single member of the Congress of the United States is of the same religion, or at least, set of identical religions that claim to be different.

Tell you what - I'm no longer a geek or a techie. Instead, because I blink at a different rate than the average geek or techie, I am now going to be a nerdy bitch trying to claim independent classification.

Truth about christianity? The only mainstream christian religion with the actual ability to be classified as a separate religion is Mormonism. All the other mainstream christian sects need to lay off it and realize that the only difference inbetween them is which hand they use to wipe their asses before tipping their pastor/priest's hat. I will refrain from comment regarding the likelihood that said hat being tipped is the booze hat. It really doesn't matter, considering the rest of us are generally too boozed up to even realize this fact in the first place.

So, in other words, Fuck you. Yeah, I liked it. Fuck you some more. The sloppy seconds weren't so lovely this time around. Fuck You again just for fucking dramatic effect. Allright, now just get the fuck off it. Thanks.