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the devil has his own oc-3 connection... 2000-08-17 22:38:00
by stale
Okay, it appears that every has lost their fucking minds. Clinical study shows that most people lose their minds around the age of 18. Coincidence?
Forge: Dude, fucking relax! Go get another job if it sucks shit, you got enough skill to hold most tech jobs. Get a car, get outta the house... and overall... get some of the life giving, soothing poontang!!!

obrien: You're fucked up and you've taken your tits out in my house.

Caridwen: You're just fucked up. Good job on not smoking. Light another one up and I'll fucking knock you out.

|pogo|: taste my ass

Scrantoine: I almost choked to death when I read the thing about water pipes. You dah man. Get come college pooty.

Vahman: canihititinthebutt?

Marasmus: gnome sucks my ass and won't compile
For the people who haven't heard, I'm having a little baby girl. Her new due date is January 2nd. This too can happen to you.

Use the fucking jimmy hat!