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Someone needs a spankin..... 2000-08-17 01:35:00
by obrien
Well, I guess technically it's Kmartcowboy's birthday, since it's 1 AM...

So Happy Birthday, Bitch!

Now bend over.... one of these days I'm going to rape him in the ass while he's asleep.

Since your bitchass was sleeping when I came over and I couldn't get a straight answer, I made you chocolate chip cookies. Tomorrow if I'm feeling like it I'll make some chocolate chocolate chip cookies, and maybe some sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies. I'm quite proud of my baking ability and I think my cookies are better than a slut with a flat head and no teeth (you know, gummy head and a place to put your beer..) But I hope that certain people (marasmus) haven't been lying about my cookies just to make me feel better. I've been baking you cookies for years and you say they're good, but you hate chocolate. Explain that one to me.