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what it's all aboot..... 2000-08-16 19:22:00
by scrantoine
This is a forum for people to write about whatever strikes their fancy right? That's what I believed, for a great while. People could post rants, comments, stories, whatever, as long as it had content. There was a time when Forge and I had a dispute going over Vectorstar itself, it was about some comment I made concerning one of his posts...I was only joking but Forge took offense and it touched off a little shouting match. Anyway, guess what it lead to? Absolutly nothing. What did it solve? Not a god damn thing. Everyone has something to say, whether they post on vector or not. What I'm getting at is we shouldn't cause a backlash about someone else's thoughts they took time to put on this board. Everyone should be able to speak their minds and be done with it, possitive feed back is always nice, but don't dog someone for expressing their own thoughts. I think I should stop before I start wearing peace t-shirts and grow long hair.

water pipes....tobacco products......who do you think you are fooling?