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Who's got the Pepto-Bismol? 2000-08-16 17:55:00
by obrien
Oh God my bowels hurt.

You know, pepto-bismol rhymes with dismal, which is how I've been feeling lately. And looking back on my recent freaking out about spelling "their" and this guy that pronounces "similar" like he's going to say "simian" I realized two things:

  • I'm going crazy
  • I'm more anal than Marasmus is when it comes to certain subjects

That last one scares me the most. But I think I've decided to never leave my house again, because everyone sucks and I want to kill them all.

I'm really pissed that in order to get my GED (without driving for 45 minutes to some other city that doesn't suck as much as St. Pete) I first have to take the preliminary test (7th and 8th grade level), then I have to take the pre-GED test, then the actual GED test. Which means I have to drive out to crack town 3 times, usually at night. It should be fun. Nothing better than seeing all those 34th St. crack whores. Maybe I'll join them. I've been told I suck a mean dick.

Fuck higher education! I'm gonna suck me some dick!