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as all the blocks come tumbling down... 2000-08-16 16:04:00
by forge
theory...the more we let the things around us get on our nerves,
the more we become the things we despise.

lately all i think about is what im going to do with my life.
i find myself at a loss...i used to enjoy my job, but we're very slow
at the moment, so there isn't very much to do. i dont really make more then $400
per paycheck lately, and it's starting to hurt.

i often wonder what people would do if i simply vanished from the face of this
this earth. many of you newer people know not of the forge, but i'm glad to see
that we do have new avatars to play with. and for those of you who do know me,
it's just another bout of angst and disassociation as commonly depicted
with myself. as usual im sitting at work with nothing of any major importance to do.

congratulations to stale and his g/f on their new baby girl, i hope that things
may only get better for the two of you, it's a wonderous thing you two
have together.

until the next time, whenever that may be...
forge: ogre, idiot, hermit

i bid thee all farewell