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Faygo: The Nectar of the Gods... 2000-08-15 04:54:00
by obrien
I'm glad I checked the msgboard before I went to bed so that I could smile instead of clench my teeth and wait for death.

Marasmus: You're right, but I'm so insecure right now that it doesn't matter... All I know is that right now I'm nothing more than a lemming and no better than those 13 year-olds who think rebellion is cool and get a mohawk to piss off mommy and daddy...

I'm just pissed because everyone is changing and they're all becoming really stupid. But I'm even more pissed off at me for even caring what anyone thinks. But I do, cause I suck. Argh.

So now I think I'm going to go masturbate, and in my fantasies I can be as confident and dominant and kinky as I wanna be. I only wish I had some Faygo......