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Cancer is one of my turn-ons 2000-08-15 04:11:00
by caridwen

Lets see... I have been terribly ill for over three days. Coughing, hacking, sneezing, blowing my nose until it's red, raw and about to fall off, I've been wiping runny eyes constantly, my back is in so many knots I can barely move.. and to top it all off... I QUIT SMOKING! woo!

I haven't had a ciggy in over a week, and my boyfriend, and four members of his family -whom I'm around all the time- are chainsmokers!

I want a camel wide so bad right now I'll crawl naked on my knees across the country, screaming "I'm a dirty fucking whore!" every inch of the way, just for one single, solitary drag off that wonderful, cancer-inducing, flaming-stick-of-death.

But noooooo... I have to have something called "self-restraint" and care more about the fact that every member of my family that smoked died by the age of 50, and give up that wonderful thing called nicotine.

*sigh* well.. on the bright side I wwon't get wrinkles at 20, or end up with a voice like sandpaper, or cough every time I laugh. Hmmm...

fuck this shit, anybody got a smoke?