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i give up on wit. 2000-08-15 01:50:00
by vrolok
first time posting on this board. whoo.

so i'm sitting at my parent's ghetto compaq listening to rollins band, while they're gambling away what could be the means necessary for us to move away from kansas off in nevada. damn, rollins is good. not really in a ranting mood. i'll just fake it.

i think one of the things that pisses me off the most at work is that everyone thinks that since i'm a dish washer, i'm so low on the corporate and social totem poles that it doesn't really matter if i'm present at the waitress meetings in the dish room, as they bitch about how their boyfriend was caught doing their best friend the night in his beat up pinto the night before. they know that's all there is to do in kansas...

i love how i can just be doing nothing but irc and get the windows blue screen o' death. really need to come across $600 to build a decent linux box...anybody on vector selling/know anyone who is selling some linux-compatible hardware? i'd appreciate it.

"If I saw your body burning in the street, I'd put you out - with gasoline." - Henry Rollins