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The Rules of Antisocialism 2000-08-15 01:04:00
by marasmus
Rule Number One: FUCK ALL SCENES. All scenes, by the time that anyone realizes they exist, are played out and long over. FUCK ALL SCENES.

Rule Number Two: FUCK ALL PEOPLE. This rule especially targets all groupies and trend-followers who really play out a scene. Best example: what Bobbies are to the Church of the SubGenius. They are total wastes of life who are just little "iLoveBoB' groupies. Wear a t-shirt. You're the shit. In my toilet.

Rule Number Three: FUCK ALL ESTABLISHMENT. Many would consider this more an edict of the punk scene, but they've got it entirely wrong. The ideology of antisocialism is much responsible for forming the punk scene in the first place. The root of the problem is that establishments are just corporate whitey's personal scenes. Refer to Rule Number One.

Rule Number Four: FUCK ALL. This is the final and all-encompasing rule that reminds you there is no excuse for socializing when Antisocialism is the goal. Don't speak. Don't act. Don't even exist. Just FUCK ALL.

Ahh. I feel much better. That's my first decent rant in a while. I hope you enjoy the taste of a stark fist as much as I do.