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mandatory brain testing 2000-03-19 15:57:00
by marasmus
Fuck drug testing. Fuck school standardization testing. Simply test for the level of sustained brain activity in a human skull in a given day.

I'm also entirely amazed at how impossible it is to have any sort of conversation or language-accurate dialogue with ANYone, regardless of being on or off the net. It seems that less than 2% of the population even understands the basic concepts of proper grammar, diction, and spelling, which are taught during the first 9 years of public school in the United States. Even my dear friends here have spelling issues I don't begin to fathom.

In all relativity and fairness, these ineptitudes are token issues compared to many of the people i deal with on a business-level daily. Take, for example, a man who sold our boi |Pogo| a sparcstation, Hugo. Hugo lives in New England, and is apparently hispanic. His written english is poor enough for me to mistake him with a korean. I've taken numerous years of french, and I've never had a problem with the core sentence structure. I've especially never had a problem with punctuation (particularly the entire lack of punctuation), line/paragraph breaks, or just entirely butchered words. However, this salesman cannot even create a single complete sentence in the english language, and continues to do business in this world. I can't even begin to reason why anyone could be functional in society without even a pathetic excuse for an understanding of the society's primary language.

My solution? Have manditory brain activity testing monthly, if not weekly, throughout the steps of child development. If a child is not developing a standard amount of brain activity and complex synapse interaction, kick the parents in the teeth and tell them to read to their kids instead of hitting the hash pipe with a barney tape in the VCR. You can rest assured when I raise a child (or many) that those kids are going to be fucking radioactive from all the thought and inferencing they'll be groomed to do with every situation. No matter how you look at the concept, it's an improvement over the norm. If you feel differently, get impaled on the front of a public bus, and redirect all output to /dev/null.