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Top Ten Reasons why your mom wants my D 2000-08-10 16:03:00
by marasmus
1. Webcam Monitor Page is finally up and available! Click Here like a good little monkey to see what i'm talkin about. For Future reference, the Webcam Page can be found under the Hosting menu.

2. hax0r, the last windows 9x machine in VectorStar's network, is back online after a very frightening week of what seemed like a DEAD IDE controller. Turns out that it's just a very BITCHY IDE controller these days. Such is the price of a free 2x CD burner. Vahman, like everyone else who knows me, clearly saw that I would be the last person in hell to BUY a CD burner, so he just gave me his old one in order to entire me into pirating the world in one night. At 2x, it's going to be one VERY long muhfukkin' night!

3. Mozilla M17 is PIMP! It's really cool. Shit works, like frame source, frame calls, server push, and more! the CSS support is a little better too.

4. Uhm, there is no 4. There is only cheese. and milk. and other dairy products. mmm. Cows just taste _so_ good!