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Movin' 2000-08-10 10:38:00
by scrantoine
I have 3 days left till I move to Orlando to attend UCF. Durring these last days I have plenty to do and one of those duties is to call up Time Warner and cancel my cable service. Since I'm going to do that as soon as I am done with this post, this will be my last post for some time, until I become situated in my new place. The closer I get to leaving, the more I loose touch with my mind. I have all this crap to do and it's creating this fog in my brain......I'm drifting again, thinking of all this computer crap I need to pack up. By the way, I found that ATX case I thought I threw away, so I will bring that by Stale's house tonight, and I also found that 8X old school Acer CD ROM in my closet, you can have that too. I think thats it for now, hopefully I will get a chance to see Marasmus and the gang within the next couple of days before I go.

/me is signing off.