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I tinkled in da lil' magic cup.. 2000-08-09 07:13:00
by caridwen
So get this, August 7th my right kidney forms a hard lumpy mass on it. I'm in pain so bad I opt to drug myself out and go sleep for 12 hours. August 8th, my parents drag me out of bed at some god-awful hour and make me go to the doctor. I still have a lumpy, firm, pain causing right kidney, but in thecar ride over, the swelling goes down and it looks/feels/etc as if normal. Doctor makes me tinkle in a little cup, test comes back clean. He probes my right side, nuthn' though I welp two or three times and say, "if you move to the left a hairs width you'll feel the lump" he says nothing is wrong and I just pulled a muscle. My mother, who's a nurse and demanded this doctor's vist because "oh my god i can see her kidney through her clothes", agree's with the little twirp.

I come home, I sleep. I wake up, feel a tiny bit better, get on my computer and zone out. I start hurting. I lay down. Adam comes over and rubs my back. Back still hurts. He demands I take a nap and not move for almost four hours. Back gets worse. It's now 4:04am in the fucking morning and my kidney is agian visible through my shirt, I can't walk, lay down, breathe, move, sit, twist, stretch, or exist without wanting to keel over. My kidney is still hard and lumpy, and just because I tinkled in a little cup and I didn't have an infection, I'm all better and it's just in my head. I have one thing to say about this.


Now, I'm going to go take a couple horse pills and be stoned until next wednesday.