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doin' the grind at the steel mill 2000-08-05 23:59:00
by marasmus
Caridwen: VectorStar is named VectorStar for a couple reasons:
  • Josh and I (we started VectorStar) wanted to just find a catchy domain name one night cause we were bored.
  • We wanted something spacy-sounding, like you'd expect to hear on star trek. That was the big trend around 1995. Also, slackware linux' default hostname is 'darkstar'. Also, the default name for most BBS service programs was spacey and techie and chit like that.
  • We thought that "Star" was a cool suffix for ANY word. Example: ToasterStar, StupidStar, BitchyStar, CockStar, GhettoStar, PedophileStar, PornStar. Get it?
  • We wanted something that sounded overly techie. After trying all kinds of combinations of the word "net" and other silly things, i stumbled across the word "vector". It was just so c0re that we couldn't pass it up. We said "hrm.... Vector Star.... wow, that sounds keen!" We checked Network Solutions' records, and the domain name (or .net or .org) was not taken. Thus, our decision was made.
Okay... so it's not the most incredible story, but at least it's how it was...

Thought Of the Day:
When you smack it on the lips and put ya hands on ya hips, how do you pass GO and collect $200?