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Insomnia 2000-08-05 12:43:00
by caridwen
It's 9:31 in the fucking morning here in overly sunny, too crowded, drug-filled California. I am still awake.

I have insomnia so bad I'm still fucking awake after almost 3 days of getting less then two hours of sleep a night. Weirdly enough, I can still type marginally well. I hope, anyway, I might just be seeing things.

So to keep myself entertained and somewhat occupied while I didn't sleep, I've been reading every single one of the posts in the message board index. I also read every e-mail I've gotten in life within the last year. I read the comics from last weekend, gave myself a pedicure, twitched, and pretty much zoned out at my computer.

Then a thought came to me, it was a lovely thought, one with a question attached to it. I just *love* questions that pop into my head when I'm trying to find a way to make myself tired. I love the ones that I can't readily ask and get an answer to a billizon times more! *giggle*

So here's the fucking question:

Marasmus: you fucker! explain to me! why is Vectorstar called Vectorstar?!?!?! I've been mulling this question over since 2:30 _THIS MORNING_ I would love to go to bed sometime soon so *puh-leeze* answer it!

I'll like, name a body part after you. And uh.. you can pick the body part :>

... yeah, I really need to get some sleep...