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ruff. 2000-08-05 02:48:00
by caridwen
So Adam drove up to Redding this weekend to have his chest expected and to make sure he wasn't going to drop dead at any second. Ironicly, today is our sixth month anniversary. How romantic. It's alright though, I ranted until he promised to go to the doctor. I didn't want to feel guilty if he died in the middle of me having an orgasm.

It's nice to know now that I'm not the only female, non-techie posting on vectorstar. I would like to welcome obrien to this little corner of Marasmus' private little universe, and offer her a warm welcome and a person to support her in ranting about bloating or cramps on this wonderful public message board. Hey, I'll back her up, I get away with the coolest shit.

Anyway, to the other point. I have posted four new poems up on my website. they're the first things I have written since May and I'd love some feedback etc about them. Why don't one of you fuckers just play along and humor me, hmmm?