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Life was better before Cocoa Puffs 2000-07-31 16:59:00
by vahman
I am once again sitting here at work, looking mindlessly at my messy cube, wondering why a company pays me to post on Vector. Nevertheless, there is 1 hour and 6 minutes till I go home (actually over to Marasmus' to fix a broken ass Coppermine), and I am not sure what I will break for the rest of my stay here on this wonderful day at the healthhole. Enough about me........

If anyone here wants SP1 for Windows 2000, I have it on my ftp. You can get it on Conxion as well, but you will only get like 2K/sec, which is fine if you have an account on AOL (Marasmus is signing up w/ them btw).

If anyone has a Trinitron monitor they will give me, I will pleasure them endlessly with a half-eaten twizzler and a back scratcher.

"Sorry for keeping you on hold, we have been really busy"
"Thats OK. Can you bend me over and call me your princess?"
"Anal sex was part of my waranty!"