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Thankyou God for my.. oh... 2000-07-31 15:08:00
by caridwen
So I'm sitting here naked under my clothes, ok it's really just a bathrobe, eating chocolate chip cookies and milk for breakfast, wondering why exactly I'm stuck going to school for one hour a week, and I start to prepare myself for the inventable.... ok, so I don't know what the inventable is.. but it sounds good.
If you haven't gathered yet, I just dragged my loopy ass out of fucking bed, my eyes are watering, my hair looks like something from There's Something About Mary, minus the love gel, and the most intelligent thought running through my head right now is... um, moving on..
I'm starting to consider the fact that I'm really the only chick who posts on Vector. And then I start wondering, how many of you are plotting my death, via mail bomb, because I destoryed your all-male perfect techie utopia. And I get to thinking, that I'm either gonna die within the next few weeks, or somebody is gonna offer to pay me a whole lotta money for a fucking lap dance. Cool...
I would like to say thankyou Marasmus for allowing my mindless ranting on Vector possible, thankyou |Pogo| and Vahman for giving me lots of shit to comment on or make fun of, thankyou God for my wonderful tits, I really do enjoy them, and thankyou Mrs. Oprasol, my first grade teacher, for teaching me how to write and therefore setting me onto the path of anoying "I just got up and I want sex but I'm not gonna say that here" tangents like this. oh..
Now I'm gonna go put on a loong sleeved velvet shirt, black vinyl pants, a leather trench, and combat boots and head to school in 110 degree weather like a good little purple-haired cliche, and everybody and can suck everybody else's dicks and like it.

Now that's what I call entertainment...