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A sense os humor is needed badly! 2000-07-30 01:48:00
by toby
Halloween in July
I am happy that we are all talking about goth because I just got back from a very kick ass concert, Hell on Earth(band name)! Ok imageine this: fine woman walking around in next to nothing, great industrial/gothic music, fucked up games ( PokePorn Star Dart Throw, Cock Ringer [kinda like a ring and stick game at the fair], and to top it off a game where you throw ?things? in holes made in wood with a picture of a spread woman [I think you can guess where the 4 holes were]), and a second floor that has nude woman from local strip clubs. The size of this place was the size of one theater room, in other words small as fuck! Once the band came on they played a few songs, threw out some items, and made a wicked brew. This wicked brew which I was the first to taste was made from fruit punch and TONS of vodka. I had no idea what I was drinking. I found if there is a mosh pit going on behind you, and you are getting slamed into, and you are standing in the front row do not take your eyes off the band, if you do the singer comes and grabs you by the neck and makes you do things. The first time he whiped my head around and stuck this jug in my mouth and I ended up taking a drink before I knew it (the wicked brew). The second time he grabbed my head and put in near his crotch and did a pelvic thrust. I got smart to the game after that. All though the fifty year old stoner next to me didn't and he ended up getting rubbed and thrusted many times. All in all it was a very interesting concert and not one for the religious. Also as the title says a sense of humor is definetly needed.

Marasmus, StaleMeat, and Caridwen might have liked this concert (in fact I thought I saw Stale there).