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posting messages makes me nauseous 2000-07-30 01:29:00
by obrien
isn't that wierd? especially because it's true.. posting messages makes me nauseous.. well it's my turn to bitch.. it's saturday night/sunday morning and i just spent the evening playing scrabble with my mom. as if that doesn't suck enough, i actually volunteered to go shopping just so i could leave the house (but i did get to buy cigarettes with some grocery money). my parents don't mind letting me use the car to run errands, but if i want to go out, it's verboten.. anyhow, i've been sitting on my ass in front of the computer for 3 days now, watching a guy leave a plate of meat in his neighbor's backyard to rot, and another guy who infected himself with athlete's foot just so he could put pictures up on his website... funny, but not exactly fulfilling. although i did write a haiku for his contest... maybe i'll win $500...