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I have thoughts.. really... 2000-07-29 18:06:00
by caridwen
Vahman: Thank you for the complement, but ever think that even though I want sex, I might break up with a guy because his computer is slower then mine? I've done it. It was the thing that showed me my true path was to become a techie. Of course I actually haven't bothered learning anything yet, but I know it's what I'll end up doing. Anyway, onto the point...

I was floating around on the net today, just minding my own business and scratching myself under my bathrobe, when I had a sudden epiphany.. There is a gothic something or another site of the week for *everything* Gothic Mother of the week, Gothic Babe of the Week, Gothic Boy of the week.. don't forget the Gothic Gurl grrl Gyrl and Girl of the week sites (i've found 'em.. too much spare time.) Plus a buttload of every other possible goth whatever of the week. It's sick! Don't people have better things to do with their time! augh! Why don't we toss in a Gothic Camel of the Week.. or a Gothic Lampshade of the Week.. fuck, why not a Gothic Drug of the week. OR WHY DON'T WE JUST KILL ALL THE FUCKING GOTHS!

A highly ironic thought considering I'm "part" of the subculture. Then again I hate all types of classification.. I'm gonna stop this train of thought before it turns into one of the 40,000 word tangents I'm famous for..

Anyway, I'm off to the supermarket for a roll of flim and a pair of fishnets. I'm sick of outdated pictures and I'm going to have some decent ones even if It kills me. Though I hope it doesnt. Continue on doing whatever you were doing, and I'll go babble elsewhere.