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Ghetto sides to a happy meal 2000-07-29 16:41:00
by vahman
Well..........Pogo is not gonna post for a while, and the ironic thing is that makes me somewhat upset. I always thought that I would be happy at that point. I guess I will just don't like the fact that a dirty little ghetto bitch won't be telling me his thoughts.

I was thinking..............I want a girlfriend like Caridwen. A girl that won't break up with me for the sole fact that she wants the sex. However, I think I might turn gothic and end up like Stalemeat.

On a lighter note, Marasmus is actually running Windows 2000. We are going to CompUSA right now to buy him a Winmodem. Does anyone have AOL's signup phone number so Marasmus can get hooked up phat.

Vahman: Smack my ass while singing "Come on Baby light my fire". That would make me the happiest Cub Scout on the lower east side.