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Want some fries with that? 2000-07-28 04:46:00
by caridwen
I'm sitting here on the phone with Adam listening to him complain about how I say "woof" too much. Yes, I say "woof".. I also say "ruff" "arf" and "suck mah caq you dirty wh0re". You could say I'm multi-talented.

Some of you who actually give a damn about me are probably wondering why I'm talking to my Ex(Adam) on the phone. Well, to satisfy that burning craving of yours for imformation about my love life (ha!), it's because we're back together... but not really.. but kinda.. Fuck..

The truth is I have no fucking idea what's going on. I want him, but I don't. I love him, but I want other things. I'd love to keep him as a friend, but that would fuck me up because then I wouldn't be able to throw him on the nearest flat surface and fuck him until he passes out.(I'm a nympho, get over it)

So I'm sitting here in a big giant puddle of confusion, wittling away my hours with mindless posts and minuscule changes to my webpage (which sucks, anyway), wondering if my life would be easier if I just flipped a coin and got this over with.

So since I'm slightly inexperianced in this area, somebody please help me!!