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Wow 2000-07-25 22:33:00
by pogo
I'm really impressed. It takes a strong person to admit to being a Christian. I guess I admit to being one too. Its hard at times, and damn, i am impressed. I do attempt to differ while following what i think is true, i would NEVER cram anything in anyone's face. I don't read the Bible every night, i have a problem with not praying every night. But i don't feel like i two face either. I KNOW MANY people who do two totally different things depending on where they are. And i think my friends will state i _don't_ do that. ( i think so any way ;)

With even less to say than noraml, i don't want to come off sounding like a self righteous person. I really do admire said strength young skywalker, i mean caridwen ;)

Now for some bitter news. I POGO, SOFTWARE ENGINEER (intern), NOW HAVE 5 (would have been 6 but hell, i'm a nice guy) COMPUTERS AT MY DESK, 1 for GHETTO MAIL, and the rest run linux. THE WORLD IS NO LONGER HOMOSEXUAL, THEY ACCEPT LINUX IN THE WORK PLACE. ow shit, my wrist hurts from typing. (its all i do now...and eat, i'm getting to be a fat fuck ;)

A haiku: nothing to say bitch / my haikus own your ass whore/ what? they don't make sense?