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Bible thumping don't do good on Tuesday. 2000-07-25 17:31:00
by caridwen
Vahman: sorry buddy, no can do.. it's looking like I'm not going to be giving any blowjobs for a _long_ while. *said is faux happy-friendly tone* I'm breaking up with my boyfriend! woo!
yeah yeah, big shock, I love the bastard so much the thought of leaving him makes me wanna hurl myself off a cliff, but when the boy starts dabbling in spiritual shit that can get kinda sticky {the enuma elish for starters), with only the thought "nothing can hurt me" and refusing to think that possibly he needs to be careful about the shit he's playing with, I start getting worried.
Not only that, but lucky me had something connected to him come vist my dreams two nights ago. It fucked me up.. bad.. (and lets just leave it at that, shall we?)
I hope the boy isn't insulted to find out that I think my spiritual well being is more important then him. If he is, then he really doesn't understand the shit he's getting into, and all I can do is pray for him.
Oh, and so all of you can laugh and poke fun at me for the rest of my life, I'm a christian.
bite me.