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Insomnia got you down? 2000-07-24 04:48:00
by vahman
It is 4;00 in the damn morning, and I can't sleep at all. I have been laying in bed with my eyes open for the last 2 hours. All this, and I have to be at work tomorrow at 9:00, and will most likely have to work overtime. What a bitch?

So, this weekend I have met all kinds of crazy people. From the normal "Beanhead", to the abnormal Mexican. All I can say is that it has been fun. It is amazing all the different types of people that come and go out of your life in a very short time. This weekend I have probably conversed with over 30 people, all of which had a different story to tell. Just makes you wonder: "Does my life really mean shit?" Well, the fact of the matter is that it is your life, and the only one that you will be able to live.

This is late night writings of a half-tired/can't-sleep stupid sum bear with me here.

Caridwen: How do I become a part of this whole boyfriend/blowjob thing? Is there a signup form somewhere on Vectorstar?

I will attempt to gain some ZZZ's at this point. If anyone has some crack for sell, please call Pogo's mother..........she was asking.