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essen mein (fill in the blank) 2000-03-17 14:03:00
by marasmus
the haiku script got old. it's definitely not runnin up there anymore... don't like it? grab your ankles. You can have the haiku script. it's very very simple. perl is simple and fun.

i got a job, a contract prgramming position. it's decent, writing databases and interfaces and security models for little companies. Working at home, on my own time, is quite nice. If someone decides to stop by and spend some well-appreciated time with me, all the better. Working is so much more fun without the stress of the average citizen.

So, I've been less angstful today. It's a nice change. i could go for a sammich and a good slap in the face. Nothing quite as good to wake up to/from.. well.. er, i take that back.. :>

i like it when i smell like a girl. in more ways than one.

^^prances naked through a spring meadow in october^^