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Of binary heaven and crack in them 2000-07-22 06:29:00
by caridwen
So I'm in my room today doing laundry and hanging stuff up in my closet, when I hear my boyfriend making "uh.. uhh.. uhh..." noises. Perplexed, I turn around and find him laying on my bed on his back with his ass in the air as he grabbed his ankles..... Needless to say I ran very very quickly out of that room.

Well the weird fucker caught me in the hall as he was laughing his skinny white guy ass off, and apologized for acting gay. I was shaken, and very weirded out.. We made up, of course, because I'm used to him doing stupid shit.

LIke today in the car he was talking about going to heaven and stealing God's operating system and then reprogramming Satan's brain so he thought he was a cute pink fairy. Oh, he also says that when we die and go to heaven, we can have sex all the time and it's ok because there aren't any diseases. "But" he said, "We might end up having an angel baby.. and it would have wings and shit, and it could fucking zoom around with a fuckin laptop and erase peoples fucking shit man. it would be a zoom angel baby! a goth zoom angel baby!" note he said all this driving 100 miles an hour down the freeway, zooming from lane to lane on the way to his house.

Anyway, I'm just telling you fuckers this to make sure |Pogo| knows that there's a bigger, weirder, sillier-assed bitch then him out there and that I give him blowjobs. That and to ask if he's trying to tell me that he wants disformed childern and a screwdriver shoved up his ass.