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Dick Smack Patty Whack 2000-07-21 17:25:00
by vahman
Pogo is on mad crack

Nice to meet you caridwen

Forge: Where the fuck have you been?

This world is a crazy place. Just when you thought everything was great in your life.............the shit hits the fan, and everything you have known is gone. But then I came to a realization. This world isn't any fun if everything is quiet and easy. There needs to be chaos and corruption. Without that, the world is boring. So I will accept the boomerang thrown into my Masterplan and go from here. I still have my dignity.................I hope!

I am now convinced my room looks like the computer booth at the flea market. I have techie shit all over the place. I think I will open up a Pawn shop and sell my soul to the devil. That would be a good way to spend a weekend.

Nigga Knockin' now/With a red broken condom/Life in the fast lane