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ech, who gives a fuck.. 2000-07-20 05:06:00
by caridwen
Two things: first, I think somebody should hand |Pogo| a moist towelette for that last post.. he seems to have gotten a tad too excited. :>
Second off, I had an interesting experiance this afternoon. Mah boi's father came home after mah boi and I *ahem* you know, sat on his bed to talk about when and where they were moving, and then he started sniffing the air and asked what died. I bust up laughing so god damned fast. Either that was fucking hilarious or you had to be there and I'm a fucking moron.
Oh, and for anybody who cares(which is nobody) I'm going to start the process of empancipation over the next six months and move my skanky little ass away from my crazy irish family.. Woo..
When it's all over I get to live in california where everything costs two arms and a blow job, wages are low, and I have absolutley no skeelz. And seriously, who the fuck would hire me if I put "gives good blow jobs" on my application?