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i smoke bad crack! 2000-03-14 20:51:00
by pogo
Is it just me, or if something bad happens, and you get a bit stressed, _EVERYTHING_ seems to fall apart? First, I go nuts cause my paper is almost finished and word fucks up. Then, I get slammed with tests. And finally, I have been working on an emu for quit some time. Learning asm and C as I go. Just when I get it the point where I can slap some Graphics code together and hope for the best, my dreams go down the pisser when some one beats me to adding advanced graphics. Granted, they are damn better than I am, its still a pisser to watch you have been working towards go up in flames. Enough with a ghetto rant about nothing. Ima crawl up some one, piss and moan abit more, and go on with life. I will still fucking finish this bitch, even if people say "un-orriginal", I still got one more fucking trick left..and any one who knows the motto of my almost dead emu can prolly figure it out.....

Oh I almost forgot. If your a 300 pound man, who likes to pirate stuff in full view of people you don't know in order to get a date with a dumb whore who sends emails to people about "free trips to disney from microsoft", and you happen to read this, YOU CAN EAT MY SHIT. STFU. I DON'T WANNA HEAR YOUR FAT FUCKING FACE ANY MORE.

I end now knowing that I prolly pissed a few people off. But, I feel better :)