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Morons on the loose! 2000-07-18 17:34:00
by vahman
OK, I got in an argument today with one of my sales reps about the internet. It all started out when this person said after they dialed out, they could not get to the i-net. There was a problem which I resolved, and at that point they asked me what their "Screen Name" was. I said they didn't have a "Screen Name", you only get one of those on AOL. We then proceeded to argue with each other whether or not you need an AOL name to be on the internet. He stated that without a screen name you are not on the internet, and that an IP address is based off this name.

Let's say I won a million dollars, and the press ax'd me what I wanted to do now. My answer would have to be, "I'd like to hammer Stalemeat's girlfriend."