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Things that are good about the hood 2000-07-18 04:57:00
by marasmus
Think of it this way Caridwen... we ALL need some poontang in our lives. :)

Back to my topic... The hood has lots of great stuff, like:
  • Cheap alcohol (40 ounces of lies)
  • Lots of seckz (hooo'ers)
  • 8 inches of truth (sort of goes along with the hooo'ers)
  • Old cars that are still running strong
  • Cheap housing
  • Well-armed neighbors in case of alien attack
  • Child care during the summer (Fire hydrant + wrench = FUN!)
People don't need to talk so much shit about the hood. it has lots of great things.

slappin all that ass / doin' it with mad skeeee-ilz / love the jimmy hat