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Emotional Drama and Wonder Bras 2000-07-18 04:41:00
by caridwen
Morality. What a funny little word. Wars have been started over a question of morality, people have been killed, lives destoryed or just made complex, debates sparked and cities usurped. All because of a word which, though simple to define, can take more forms then quicksilver.
For instance, my boyfriend of sorts just turned 21, I've been seeing him for six months and I'm only sixteen. My father hit the roof. Saying he wasn't very pleased with me would be an understatement. But my loveable senile old man pointed out one thing which stuck in my mind like a hot iron poker, a 21 year old man seeing a 16 year old girl is definatly questioning morality.
Why is it that if a man is seeing an 18 year old woman and he's 23 everything is cool, while if she's 16 and he's 21, it's a terrible thing. Personally I take horrible offense at that notion since I'm much more level-headed and practical (if a tad spacey) then most 18 year old chicks. My sister is a fucking space-cadet but since she's 18, she gets to do whatever the fuck she wants.
I guess it's just another example of the pretense of age meaning more then the skills and abilites of the individual.
Oh, and my apologies for fucking up Vectorstar with my chick-like posts. Blame Marasmus, he let me.