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The correct and Proper use of my Boot 2000-03-12 15:12:00
by marasmus
Microsoft needs to lay off the gimmicks and jerk-me-off-in-the-corner business model and do like Debian. Debian may be fluffed with gigs of flower-child LSD renaissance that I just will never use, but at least they have their heads on straight. They also don't try to offer me handjobs in the back of a van like those M$ freaks. You actually ever had to WORK with an MS rep? They're repulsive, pathetic people. Not like bums... like rapists. Repulsive to the point you want to vomit on their shoes. Then you want to make them eat it and videotape it, say it was done in japan, and have the Stile Project post it, since is no longer around.

On a less American note, we will be moving the shell accounts here to a new server. It'll be a pretty seamless operation, and the only noticeable difference will be that you'll be logging into a BSD box called germany instead of a linux box called vector. If you have a shell here, consult your mailbox within the next two days. I'll be doing the switchover then.

Oh.. if you get offended that we have a shell server called germany and think we're some kind of fascist nazis, look at a picture of me and then shut the fuck up. Nazis, though entertaining, eat truckloads of my heavy shit for lunch. on a side note, berzerker, the webcam server, isn't serving webcam shyte at the moment and that'll be fixed whenever i get around to repartitioning our abuse-and-sodomy hard drive that we were burning out for fun.

fear the dang.