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Jacksonn918: Rule my groin you cyber ho 2000-07-16 19:50:00
by pogo
Well, i just want you all to know that is fucking funny and worth checking out if ya need a laugh. Vahman showed it to me, and damn, i get a kick everytime i read some of it :)

I'd also like to state that today was a good day. I went on a quest for a game genie for snes, which took me to the flea market. Flea markets are the best place on earth to find fucking goobers of people. It never ceases to amaze me at how fucking ugly most of the people are. You have rednecks wandering around looking for GUNS and saying "where to next pa?". I kindly under my breath reply "to the farm house to continue the dog sex". I guess they didn't hear me. I just seem to love the damn fleas. Its the only place on earth where some one will sell you junk they pulled out of the trash for more than you can get it at the store. hell, its the fleas, it must be a good deal!

any way, back to the game genie. I ask around and learn that said product runs at $20. I'm not paying $20 to take the bitch apart for the edge connecter. So i walk some more. Low and behold the next person i ask gives me a fucked up look, and states "i just threw one in the trash". He digs it out, and hands it to me. FREE! so before he knows changes his mind i leave, thanking him one last time for the free item.

I guess the moral of the story is, timing is everything, and you might be a redneck if you met any of your wives at the fleas.