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i own the world and then some 2000-07-13 21:42:00
by pogo
Where I work is great fun! I spend most of my time attempting to get things done, but alas, i seem to fail due to waiting on other people. No biggy.

Tommarrow looks to be the day i have been waiting for, some free time in the evening. I'm gonna start on a terminal emulation program for my DATA I/O 29b rom programmer. For any of you thinking, where is other said products you talk about, fuck you. You find the time to work 40 hours a week, spend 15 hours travelling to and from work, go to school, have a girl friend, a best friend, and attempt to sleep. Maybe i just don't do it right yet, but i will. Then expect some shit from me. As for now, Eat shit.

Stale: good job on NT, i guess you get to keep going doofy.
Scrantoine: good job on pissing people off, my favorite was the time the man was following me a bit closely, and i waited until the _LAST_ possible second to move and not hit some garbage cans in the road :)
Forge: good job on buying porno and butt sex toys for stale, the bitch needs to be jagged in the ass.
Vahman: good job on whatever it is you do ;) I hope some man probe -> your mouth is nice :)
Marasmus: When i get some time, i'll make better posts :)

bye bye people of earth! gimme lub and say my name!