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No fun in waiting if ya can't jerk it 2000-07-13 14:14:00
by vahman
Yesterday I decided to call IBM to add a service to my business dial-up account. First, I was put on hold for over an hour. Finally, the person that I needed to speak with was "tied up". I got pist and asked to speak with the supervisor. After being put on hold for another 30 mins, the supervisor stated that the tech "SWORE" that he would call me back before 5:30. I was content with this, and went on with my marry ol' day. The tech never called me back. This leads me to the conclusion that IBM's WAN support sucks dong.

Next, I wake up this morning, and like every other morning, shuffle half-asleep to my car and place the key in the ignition. Only this time, when I turn the key, nothing happens. Sure, I get a clicking noise, but that was all I got. After jump starting my car, I drove away onto the polluted business highway. This leads me to the conclusion: Batteries don't like 350 watt amps draining the entire life out of them on a daily basis.

I am once again call IBM. Wish me luck!

"Where the foil before checking her oil!"