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A fundamental flaw in living 2000-07-13 13:08:00
by marasmus
Okay.. i've got to address this issue:
Forge, this is not the classified ads. You don't work for the spark, nor get paid for the links to them, so stop it already. you make me have nightmares of Microsoft's advertising schemes.

Issue Two: Everyone is posting little regurgitations of other peoples' shit. That's cool from time to time, but where in the hell did the self-manifested angst go?!? It was such a healthily parasitic driving force in the theme of VectorStar's news, and now we're resigning to the status of typical jerk-me-off-in-the-corner E/N sites? C'mon, we've got more angst and bawls than badassmofo or the politically-correct spark, and we're swimming in tact in compare to stile. r33t's been taken over now by some mickeymouseclub shell/hosting provider who's using slack 4, with all of its numerous horrible security holes, as a commercial (and expensive) shell server. So we don't have 24 posts a day like badassmofo, but at least ours generally have more meaning than "i'm bored at my computer."

Issue Three: I exist. You exist. They exist. 6.1 billion people exist on a world that was never intended to have this many damn people. Can someone PLEASE drop a nuke here?!? we need to take out at least 2 billion, if not 4 billion, to return to some semi-reasonable level of population. Nuclear population control is high on my voting sheet at the next polls!

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