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Smackin' It 2000-07-12 15:22:00
by vahman
Well, my computer is finally complete (I hope!), and it is cool. Thanks Marasmus and Stale for your guidance/recommendations in my endeavor. I get crazy FPS in benchmarks, and the DVD looks pretty sweet on my Trinitron TV.

The real winner when I upgrade usually ends up being either Pogo or my Dad who get all my old shit. I am gonna gain a Celeron 333 today as well, which I have no damn clue what I will do with, but it will look pretty on my desk.

Microsoft plans on integrating IE into Windows even more in future releases of its OS. Can you say "BLOATED"!

Stop by here to see an AOL webpage

I am proud to announce to all of our Mexican friends, AOL is now available south of the border. This is such a wonderful world we live in. That is why I would like to tell everyone, "Die"!

Thank you, and have a wonderful Wednesday.