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shit that breaks 2000-07-10 09:24:00
by marasmus
a'ight... vector was inaccessible last night because for some unknown faucken reason the DNS decided to freak out on me.. and then ns2 decided to stop running DNS as well... so we were without DNS for around 12 hours. it's all fine and dandy now, as well as berzerker being back online. It'll be the webcam server again for all you self-made pr0nstars out there.. :P

My goal is to get NIS working so i can distribute your usernames and passwords properly over to berzerker in order to regulate user access, but that may take a lil while, as i'm a lazy bastard. if anyone has any experience with linux's NIS, i'd appreciate some help - it isn't as clean as OpenBSD's.

TeeHeeHee i'm getting an 18 gig Quantum Atlas 10k this week, so there will be more and more space available on berzerker once i move my ole 9 gig scsi/3 drive on there. I may also be getting a few (hopefully 3) Quantum Atlas 4 gig drives for vector, which may end up becoming a 5-drive RAID-5 array with the other 2 4gig drives it has presently. If that happens, you should bend over quickly and try not to scream.

spoonfuls of sugar-coated love in your gastank!