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schweet pushy rap 2000-07-07 21:33:00
by forge
toby, dont take this the wrong way being we don't really know each other, but...


were you the one who always sat in the corner of kindergarten class huffing gasoline for quarters to pay off the bully for "protection" from him beating you?

you don't seem to understand the rather blunt approach from stalemeat to tell you something...
you're a fucking idiot, you have yet to post a single useful thing.
it's not a very difficult set of circumstances to comprehend if your existance is anything greater then that of a fucking amoeba.
you are a fool, nobody can stand you, and you abuse the privilege to post on vector...kindly fuck off

stick to the summit of your mental laxity and tug on the cock and bawls for a little while
im sure that wont be too difficult for ya. Enjoy