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Fuck the world, and then some. 2000-07-07 13:58:00
by pogo
I'm a rather pissed off person. Many of you know, i attempt to keep cool until a huge amount of shit happens, then i explode. Well, lets attempt to comprehend why i will write the following rant. This requires 1 scale (to measure weight), 10 resistors, 10 cap's, 2 ic's, and a watch. You may need to know how to read as well.

My adventure starts when i finally have the money to purchase all the parts for CARTDISK, a goofy device i always wanted to build. Well locally, and chester (molester) Electronics, the fucking parts are WAY to expensive. You'd be an idiot to buy them there. $15 for an prom is out of range. Now, on we plow. I go online to and plug in the list of parts. Not too bad, its better than radio shack, and i get all the parts. Well i go to check out, and low and behold, 10 resistors weigh one pound. Now lets all get out our scales and measure... So i call the company, and the idiot on the phone cannot explain it. So i go along with it, $33 total for all the parts + 2nd day air is good. I order them yesterday. I should have the parts sat. NO. FUCK NO. UPS DOESN'T WORK ON SATURDAY. so i get to wait till monday. by this time i will have no spare time to really relax and spend time working on this, as i start my new job. No biggy, i'll relax.

I want to go to see SCARY MOVIE, it looks funny. Last week we purchased tickets to the amc theater at 10:30 am. So this week we show up early, as i have many things to take care of during the day. After waiting outside for 30 minutes, i walk to the doors, and look in, to confirm that i see people working. A girl, who was looking at me through the doors and windows to the ticket booth, hangs up the phone and walks to me. She kindly asks me what i want. I said, "to purchase tickets". She informs me that they do not open until noon. I simply tell her that i bought them last week at 10:30, and in return i get told i will have to come back later. Think the fuckers could figure out that people pacing in front of the doors would like help? Naw, no one could POSSIBLY want any help. Its a well known fact that people stand in front of theaters to eat dinner at denny's.

So on i plow. I know deep down that every one means well, but fuck, they could try a bit harder to please people. For example, no one expects hot food from mc donalds, so your sandwich can sit for 20 min in open air waiting for you to come along. Checkers will sell you chilli made from meat that expired on the grill. They also like to clean the grill with some toxic bull shit that they also use to scrub the floors. It is behavior like this that causes me to wonder why? In France, food is made fresh. The fish are still alive when you buy them. Not drowned in "secret sauce" in the back of a K & K to hide the month old meat. In short, I Pogo call for a boycott of everything that is ghetto. Boycott the theaters, hold your signs that say "FUCK YOU ALL, DIE". Boycott Checkers, tell them you don't want the purple floor scrub cooking with your burgers. And as for lowes...I never get what i want in there, but home depot eats shit too.

a haiku: customer service / is there really such a thing? / naw, its all a scam