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the amish mafia? 2000-07-06 14:11:00
by marasmus
it's my proud duty to claim my return to society, though i am absolutely certain i would prefer not coming back to this overcommercialized super-urban cesspool of regurgitated cremations gone wrong... i want to get right back out there in the woods and stay there, away from this 'greater society' we've created, which is feeding upon itself and eating its own children to survive. I feel sick being here, and can't wait until my next escape into that long-lost thing we once called nature.

i've got no idea what's goin on presently on vectorstar... don't know what sort of restructuring is going to go on, though i had some in mind before i left. it'll probably come back to me soon enough. i'm still trying to get over the shock of realizing the degenerate nature of this culture. i want no part of it.

If any unix-using company out in the woods wants to hook me up with a job and a T1 (hell, i'd even be happy with a 384kbit frac-T1) i'll be more than happy to return to east bumblefuck woods and stay there quite a while.

how exactly DO those people in the circus blow smoke out their ass? a marlboro enema? The world may never know.