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Pogo drank 1/4 of a beer!!! 2000-07-05 16:57:00
by vahman
I finally upgraded my machine, and no longer have a PII 350. I upgraded to a PIII coppermine 733, and successfully overclocked it to 825. I might be able to go higher, but the multiplier is locked in the chip, and the highest bus speed I can reach is 150mhz.

I would like to officially wish Pogo a happy birthday on Vector. It's a day late, but he is a fry short of a happy it all works out.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if you don't think this is beautiful, you can hold my nuts.

I will be looking into building a dual PIII machine, but as it stands now, but I am not sure yet. I still have to finish my Xeon box.

From the people that brought you AOL and ICQ, now have their new website. Enjoy!