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Lemme aX you somethin' 2000-03-01 14:30:00
by marasmus
Lets say hypoethetically you're a businessman who doesn't know much about the web but has a solid idea for an online store. You contact a local site hosting/design company and spend about $500 to get your site in order. They tell you it'll take 6 months to come up with a framework. A year later, you haven't even seen a welcome page. You spend the next six months of your life trying to get this company to simply hand over your domain name to you, but they refuse to do so.

It's not that they won't do it - they will - but you have to do it for them, even though they've got your $500 and have done absolutely NOTHING other than register your domain name. If you ask me, they've never done a domain authority change, and don't know how to do it. After all, just look at their HTML.

So you go ahead and submit the change request to regain control over your domain name, and the hosting company refuses to process the request. You go through this cycle four times. You're pissed off. It gets to a very simple point - If they don't do it right this week, it's time to go to their office and settle someone's skull into the pavement.

Worst of all, you're not even the businessman - you're the geek who'll be administering the site. You try to help out the businessman and call these monkeys (who run Windows NT 4 SP2 servers) who are HTML-illiterate (view source. Can you say Frontpage 3.0?) and can't even fake it to a tolerable degree?

They claim to offer database access to a Microsoft Access server. They can't even go through the simple steps of setting up a basic SQL server. Come on - even my fucking mother has the ability to install MySQL on a *BSD box, and she hardly even uses NT, let alone *BSD!

So what the fuck?? How do you legitimately claim to be a web hosting business when you can't even handle a NIC registration change? Some people would really be better off shoveling elephant shit at the circus.