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You cant eat Mac and Cheese with a spoon 2000-06-30 00:21:00
by vahman
Today was cool day to some extent. I rack mounted and upgraded/setup 2 Proliant servers that had dual Xeon 550's and 1 gig of RAM. They also had 6 Atlas 10K 18.2 gig disks in RAID 5. These servers were kick ass. They were the fastest machines I have worked on up to this point in my PC life. I installed Service Pack 6a on one of the machines in like 5 seconds. It was incredible. One of the machines will be a SQL server and the other will be an Exchange server.
I also spent a good part of the day/night troubleshooting a router problem. Something on the company LAN decided to take the IP address of the router. It continues to do this every 5 minutes. I have the MAC address for this piece of shit, but I can't seem to track it down. I will continue to troubleshoot this problem tomorrow, but in the meantime Internet browsing is intermittent.

All I know is that I want this computer.

And for you Pogo, this mouse would suit you well. It has some feature you would like.

Oh, and my mom's 'n pop's left on a cruise to Alaska today. That is pimp shit.

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